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We have been attending Julie’s clinic for almost four years. She has seen us through a few dramas, as parents of two active boys there have been a few – head injury, broken collar bone, trampoline accident, and sleep issues.

Julie has a gentle approach and an ability to explain the treatment to our children in a way that they are put at ease and are relaxed with her.

As parents we get tremendous piece of mind that not only has the injury been treated, but the effects of the injury on the rest of the body have been considered.

We would highly recommend Julie.

Breda and Conor Heffernan, Strandhill, Co. Sligo

I have been taking my sons to the Julie Ellwood Clinic for the past 3 years.

The health benefits my children have received from Osteopathy have been huge. Before we went to the Clinic my sons were suffering from chest infections and tonsillitis on a regular basis and as a result were taking quite a lot of antibiotics.

Since going to Julie, the work she has done on the boys has had a drastic improvement on their health.

Now they have no need for antibiotics and are in super health.

Emily Tuffy, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo

Julie Ellwood is a highly skilled osteopath. She has made a significant contribution to my own health and wellbeing, and to the health of my family. Julie’s ethos is one of continuous learning, supported by her natural gift for healing and her strong intuition. This combination of learning, skill and intuition creates a great practitioner.

Maura Gilligan, Strandhill, Co. Sligo

When I first contacted Julie I had been suffering chronic neck and shoulder pains for a number of years and undergone a number of other treatments without any significant relief from pain or improvement in my condition. After my initial consultations with Julie, she thoroughly explained the extent of my injuries and the course of treatment to address these and begin the healing process.

I am delighted to testify to Julie’s friendly, positive and thoroughly professional approach and the improvements to my health have been remarkable. Due to the nature of my work there is no complete or permanent solution, but with her holistic approach to my treatment I have been able to work relatively pain free for the first time in a long while. My condition is now completely manageable with relatively infrequent treatments now required.

I am delighted to recommend Julie and her works and would like to thank her again for all that she has done for me.

Elaine Flaherty, Hairstylist/Educator (Ballyshannon, Co Donegal)

Julie is a rare and wonderful person. She has helped us at so many levels with her knowledge and skill. From my hamstrings affecting my back, to my husband back problems, and our two sons, she was never wrong on our diagnosis.

We turned to Julie when the doctors couldn’t help when our first little boy wouldn’t stop crying and couldn’t be left down. She diagnosed him with suspected reflux and  neck problems and after his first session with her ‘massaging’ his neck, he was a changed child. A few more treatments and we were heading in the right direction.

Our second son wasn’t as unsettled but again I knew something was wrong. On our first visit with Julie she detected his tongue tie and tightness around his neck and shoulders and again she worked her magic. We are now on a great little path – pain and tears free.

From the end of a text message with her knowledge and advice, to fitting you in with an appointment as soon as she can when you are super stressed and worried about your family, only good words I have for Julie. Thankfully, each time we turned to her, our life would have been so much harder.

Leone and Jason

At the age of 11 months our son was diagnosed with viral meningitis. It took the doctors so long to diagnose the problem that by then, because of the pain, he had developed a habit of banging in his head on the side of his cot at night, some times for hours on end and nothing we did helped.

Once the hospital had dealt with the meningitis (lumbar puncture) we were left with a young boy with persistent pain and irritation in his head. He underwent numerous tests and hospital appointments including a distressing brain test in Dublin. Nothing helped and we had a long period of sleepless nights and stressed days.

By chance, a friend recommended the osteopath Julie Ellwood and we had our first appointment two years after his meningitis. Julie treated him with gentle cranial work, explaining the whole time what she was finding and treating. She said that his meninges (membranes around the brain) were scarred and that was causing tightness on the central nervous system. Julie was gently loosening them up. We took our son home and he fell in to such a deep sleep that I was worried and had to phone Julie to be reassured that this was be normal!

Julie told us what to expect in terms of lengths of treatment, that it would be weekly for 3 weeks then once a month until things had settled. Following a few weekly sessions our sons’ head-banging lessened, and then he returned to sleeping without banging his head at all; the relief this gave him and us was incredible. He was then able to function as a much happier and healthier toddler.

We now take him (aged 11yrs!) two or three times a year for a check-up. Julie knows him so well at this stage that she can treat him easily and efficiently, helping him through all his growing spurts.

She has treated all of my family at some stage, with back /shoulder hip problems and has always been able to give relief and importantly, clear explanation and guidance for the problem.

I have recommended her to so many people with young children and babies all of whom have been very happy with her work.

Jo Lewis, Dromahair, Co. Leitrim

I brought my eight month old daughter to Julie after 8 months of her crying in distress and spitting up every time we tried to feed her. She had been diagnosed with reflux but medication perscribed by the hospital was of no help.  At that time she could only manage 1 to 2 ozs of milk at a time and would cry while drinking it, she had also refused solids.

After the first treatment with Julie as I put her in the car seat she grabbed the bottle of me and drank a full 5ozs of milk. From that day she has happily looked for the bottle and can easily drink 5 to 6ozs in a feed . I brought her for a second follow up visit three weeks later and that evening when I tried her with some pureed food she ate it. She is now 11 months old and is thriving, we have no problems feeding her and she has developed a good relationship with food. I would encourage any parent whose child shows signs of similar distress to take them to Julie for a checkup.

Leonie Flynn, Collooney, Co. Sligo

Both my husband and I have had great experiences with Julie Ellwood. My husband has been treated by Julie for back trouble with great success.

I myself, after the birth of our first child, attended Julie with what turned out to be a ‘twisted pelvis’. Julie had no problem referring me to a podiatrist who gave me a temporary shoe insert which sorted the problem. Naturally, when I became pregnant with our second child, I enlisted Julie to oversee my care both before and after the pregnancy. I had no back or pelvic pain during or after this second pregnancy.

My husband and I brought our young asthmatic child to Julie, whose treatment was instrumental in improving the childs ability to breath and greatly helped in her recovery from asthma. Our child no longer relies on asthma medication.

Julie has also treated my mother and father-in-law. Her treatment caters for all age groups.

Julie has magic fingers and she can ‘feel’ what is going on. She has great knowledge and experience and the ability to get to the core of the problem. We are happy to recommend Julie to everyone.

Tim and Claire Kirwan, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim