Really looking forward to delivering this course over the weekend with the great Gianni Marangelli. This course will be delivered in five parts. The first part of the course will be a presentation on the theory around infantile asymmetries to include torticollis, infantile postural asymmetry (IPA), deformational plagiocephaly (DP) and brachycephaly. How these asymmetrical conditions inter-relate will be explored.  The second part will look at measurement of IPA, DP and brachycephaly comparing the different methods for the clinical setting and how to interpret the measurements. Part three will look at the supporting evidence – what the research tells us in relation to treatment approaches and prognosis. The fourth part will explore treatment approaches for infantile asymmetries, and multidisciplinary collaboration in patient care. The course finishes with a home care programme to instruct parents and caregivers in.

This course is fully subscribed but will probably be run again later in the year. Contact UCO CPD to express your interest if you wish to be notified.