How utterly gorgeous is this?

Thank you Aishling and John, you totally made my weekend.

Julie is remarkable at what she does. My daughter at a young age has been suffering with a significant limp of which I was told poor muscle tone.
After being let down several times of getting no answers, we were told about Julie from a friend. we attended Julie and she took, one look at her and told me something wasn’t right with her hip.
From here an extra showed a query of mild perthes disease in her hip. Julie performed her gentle touch and the next X ray was clear.

Although we wait on an MRI Julie really helped her and gave her the mobility to move more freely. Julie is kind, caring, loving and most of all honest.

Julie aslo looked at my back and was able to put me back in line and I felt unreal after it.

My baby has recently attended Julie, suffering with constipation and once again Julie has given her relief and worked her magic.
She’s magnificent at her job and gives us great reassurance and guidance. The kids love her and especially love her kindness and warmth towards them. We highly recommend Julie x
Aishling & John kelly