Tongue Tie and Osteopathy – Part 1


Next date: Friday 3rd May 9am – 1pm (GMT timezone)




Tongue Tie and Osteopathy – Part 1

Do you know how fundamental an infant’s tongue is to successful breastfeeding or bottle-feeding?

If a difficulty arises at this level, it is very anxiety-provoking for the mother and those around her.

An osteopath with real expertise on infant tongue tie has a better chance of making an appropriate diagnosis and providing relief to the infant and parents and promoting harmonious breastfeeding.

This is a 2 part online course:

Part 1 covers the basic anatomy and biomechanics of the tongue, as well as the mechanisms of suckling. Identifying the difference between a normal frenulum and a tongue tie, and differentiating between anterior and posterior tongue ties will be explained, as well as the different types of presentation (in breast and bottle feeding dyads) and classification tools.

The practical part of the course will be in the form of a demonstration of a clinical examination to diagnose and classify tongue and lip ties. There is also a case study presentation enhanced by interactive discussion within the group.

Topics covered

  • Anatomy of the tongue and the basics of tongue biomechanics
  • Mechanisms of breastfeeding, optimal positioning and problems associated with poor latch
  • Signs and symptoms of Tongue Tie (TT) and Lip Tie (LT)
  • Difference between a frenulum and a Tie, and an anterior versus posterior TT
  • Classification tools for TT and LT
  • Effects of TT on bottle feeding and pacifier usage
  • The role of nipple shields
  • Breastfeeding duration

Duration – 4 hours

Cost – €80

Next date: Friday 3rd May 9am – 1pm (GMT timezone)


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