Understanding Infant Behaviour


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Understanding Infant Behaviour

Unsettled Infant Behaviour (UIB) affects 25-40% of all baby’s born worldwide. It causes significant stress to parents/caregivers and places huge financial demands on public health services. It is associated with postnatal depression, inter-relationship challenges and interferes with parent-infant bonding, among other things.

This course is designed to educate osteopaths on how best to support parents who present with an inconsolable baby. It covers the differences between normal and abnormal infant unsettledness and how to diagnose the most common problems associated with unsettled infant behaviour.

An interactive case-study workshop will be used to explore some of the complexities of an infant presenting with colicky symptoms.

Topics covered

  • Understanding normal infant behaviour and crying patterns
  • Problematic behaviour/crying
  • Impact, why it is important
  • Common causes of UIB
  • Differential diagnosis of UIB
  • Evidence informed best practice for UIB
  • Long-term risks of UIB
  • Red flags

Duration – 4 hours

Cost – €80

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